The African Futures Project

The Pardee Center for International Futures, a research center within the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. The Pardee Center develops and uses the International Futures model to explore data, understand trends and relationships for 186 countries in interaction, and to shape expectations about human development in the face of great uncertainty. Each year, they hire Research Assistants to work within the center. These students do everything from work on articles for publication to meet with Ban Ki Moon.

If you’re interested in what they do, check out some of their work below.


Graduate research and teaching assistant positions

We have received numerous few calls/emails about Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant positions and FAFSA criteria so this week’s blog post serves to clarify these areas for you.

Graduate research and teaching assistant positions

The Josef Korbel School does not offer Graduate research and teaching positions at the time of admission. Instead, students apply for these positions during our new student orientation in September. On average, the school has approximately 10-12 positions, the majority of which are filled by current students who have an established rapport with the faculty through participating in his/her course, being an advisee or conducting an independent study with him/her. More information about available positions will be provided during the new student orientation in September. These positions generally offer $12-14/hour and averages approximately 10-15 hours/week.

The Federal work study program is a more prevalent form of on-campus employment. Approximately 40% of graduate students are working as student employees on the DU campus and average $12-14/hour, $5,000 yearly. Allocation of work study funds is based on the information provided in the FAFSA and the timeliness of submission. Available work study positions can be found here, however, keep in mind that the bulk of new positions will not be posted until June-Sept. so be sure to check back then.  While International students do not qualify for the federal work study or loan programs, there are opportunities to work on-campus. More information about these positions can be found here.

FAFSA and Federal funding

The Josef Korbel School does not offer need based funding. Therefore, unless you received a full tuition scholarship, it is in the best interest of domestic graduate students to submit a FAFSA. Please keep in mind that the tax information requested in this form is based on YOUR income, not your family income as you are considered an independent when applying to graduate school. Most students qualify for the maximum Federal Direct loan offering of $20,500 per year. You will also be considered for work study and Perkins loans and provided the opportunity to cover the remaining balance up to the total cost of attendance through a Federal PLUS loan.

More information about Federal Direct loans, Perkins loans, Grad PLUS loans and Private loans can be found here.

We put together an extensive list of external scholarship and grant opportunities which can be found here and a more specific list for international students can be found here.

Lastly, as a follow-up to last week’s blog by Rae Ann Bories-Easley, Director of the Career and Professional Development Office, I wanted to let you all know that the career section of the website underwent a complete overhaul. Check out up-to-date statistics and new career resource information by clicking here.

Next week, our Director of Student Affairs, Susan Rivera, will discuss the new student orientation, our D.C. program and the registration process so check back next Wednesday!


Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions