When You Call Korbel…

Remember, Coleen?  She’s still here!  Coleen is one of our two lovely second year MA students working in the Admissions Office this academic year.

Coleen is still originally from Olympia, WA.  As a refresher – she previously worked as a refugee resettlement case manager for World Relief.  She is excited to begin her second year of International Development at Korbel.  During the summer Coleen worked as a grants and evaluation strategies intenr for Agile International, a NGO focused on rural agricultural development in Mali.

One of the reasons that Coleen originally chose Korbel is the flexibility to customize her degree and study the material and topics that are truly important to her.  Coleen loves the mixture of theory and practical skills courses that are informing and enhancing her future.

Throughout the past year, Coleen has been enjoying life in Denver!  She loves the hiking, camping and good beer.  When Coleen isn’t studying, she can be found eating brunch, hiking with her roommates and exploring the many happy hours around Denver.

Fun fact: Coleen still loves giraffes (see photo below from last year).  Recently, Coleen got to pet one at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

coleen and giraffe

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