When you call Korbel…

When you call Korbel, one of our awesome Admissions Office staff will answer the phone.  We have some awesome new staff this year, and I want to introduce you to each one of them.

Meet Samantha!

Samantha is from Frederick, Maryland – “an adorable small town in the very far suburbs of DC and Baltimore.”  Before starting at Korbel this fall, Samantha worked on the communications team for a nonprofit in DC called First Book.  First Book provides books and resources to schools and programs serving children in need.  Before her time at First Book, Samantha was an International Studies major at UNC Asheville.

Samantha is a first year in our International Development program.  She hopes to focus her studies on Latin America, gender as it relates to the development process, and WASH.

When Samantha isn’t hitting the books or answering the phone at the Admissions Office, she can be found eating (especially breakfast food and fried chicken), cooking, hiking and generally being outdoors.  Once upon a time Samantha was a yoga instructor.  She loves the Baltimore Orioles and picking and eating blue crabs.  Also, she changes her hair color – a lot.


Samantha, at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, gazing and pointing off into the distance.


Samantha, eating.


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