When You Call the Admissions Office…

Somehow we forgot to introduce you to our “new” Associate Director of Graduate Admission, Kieffer Williams.  This is not because we do not love Kieffer, rather quite the opposite.  So let’s think of it as a “we saved the best for last” situation.

Everyone, I introduce you to Kieffer!

Kieffer blog post


My name is Kieffer Williams and I am the Associate Director of Graduate Admission at Korbel. Most important thing to know about me? I’m not a male. I know, shocking! Believe me you are not the first, nor the last to think I’m a male and write me an email starting with “Dear Mr. Williams….” I realize the name is misleading (I am after all named after my great-grandfather) so don’t worry if you have sent me one of those “Mr. Williams” emails I won’t hold it against you 😉

I am a Colorado native, which means I’m kind of a big deal. All of us natives have been diluted by all the transplants who have moved to town so we’re a rare animal to find (kind of like a unicorn). I received a BA in Psychology from DU and an MA in International Relations while living in Europe. Which means…. I get it! I get exactly where you are. I know how exciting (and terrifying) it is to be making this major life-changing decision to go to graduate school and to study international studies. I jumped off that cliff too and believe me, it was worth it!

I joined the Korbel admission office this past fall and prior to that I worked in independent school admission for the past six years. I am proud to say the Korbel admission office is definitely the friendliest and funnest (yes, I said, funnest) team you will meet in your graduate school admission encounters. We have an amazing team and if you come visit, which I highly recommend you do, I’d love to introduce you to them and show you around our amazing school!


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