Denver Rules!

Why would you want to come to school in Denver?  It’s plain and simple, folks.  Denver rules.

While that is 100% true, in all seriousness, the city of Denver is a huge international relations hub.  Combine that with the Rocky Mountain setting, and you have a uniquely desirable location for graduate school and professional life.  The Josef Korbel School offers a very distinct approach to international relations that is directly tied to our strategic location.

Need more convincing?  Here are 5 Reasons why Denver is a Top International Hub.

  1. The Posner Center is home to over 60 development orientated organizations.  As a leader within the international development field, the Posner Center builds a community of innovators who create lasting solutions to global poverty.  Did we mention that the Posner Center is located less than eight miles from campus in downtown Denver and that many of the organizations are led by Korbel alumni?
  2. The Denver area has more than 200 organizations dedicated to international development.  Many Korbel students find employment after graduation in this sector.  And as a result, the internship opportunities for our graduate students are endless.
  3. The Josef Korbel School is the only school dedicated to the study of international relations in the Rocky Mountain area.  That means that our students are highly sought after in the job market and have a variety of employment and internship opportunities to choose from.
  4. The Korbel student body is highly collaborative and international.  Our students come from all over the world and have various academic and professional backgrounds.  The focus at Korbel is less on competition, and more on making the world a better place.  With classes offered during the day, our program is ideal for students who want a community and not just a commuter experience.
  5. We get it, the world does not revolve around Denver. This is why students don’t just study in Denver.  Korbel students have the opportunity to study abroad in either D.C. or Geneva, Switzerland.  Both study abroad programs give students the chance to immerse themselves into the international relations community through internships.  Outside of these programs, many of our students pursue internships abroad in Guatemala, China, Kenya, Brussels and many more locations around the world .

P.S. I forgot to mention…

6. Our new building (opening in March 2016), which will provide state-of-the-art classrooms, a simulation room, community meeting spaces, and a café for all your caffeine needs. And oh man, wait till you see the views of the mountains from the top floor!


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