Happy New Year, this year I will…

Every year, I tend to make resolutions, or ways to feel awful about myself next year at this time.  This year I will…

  1. Move into a nicer office with a better view. This is going to happen, seriously. New building is set to open over spring break. The admissions office will be sweet and I can’t wait for the new carpet smell. Plus after eight years of a windowless office in the garden level (read basement), I finally get a window!
  2. Sub 1:30 half marathon. I realize this goal is slowly leaving my reality. As I age, so does my goal of athletic dominance. Part of me will always believe I could provide quality minutes at back up point guard for the Bulls though.
  3. Attend the NAFSA conference in Denver. NAFSA is a great organization, Denver is a great city. Why would I not go?
  4. Eat more salad. This should be a goal every year.
  5. Attend more guest lectures. Each lunch break, there are a number of interesting lectures I could be listening to. If you want to go to some, you should. You’ll find me there eating a salad (hopefully).

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2016!


Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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