UD vs. DU vs. Sigh vs. Sie vs. Joseph vs. Josef

We tend to use abbreviations and funny sounding words at Korbel so I should probably fill you in on what they all mean.

UD vs. DU? This is the most confusing. Our formal name is the University of Denver, but when abbreviated, we are called DU. Why? I have no idea, but it seems to be the tradition in the midwest and rocky mountains to use reverse initials. (University of Oklahoma=OU, University of Colorado=CU, University of Kansas=KU). Bonus points if you refer to us as Colorado Seminary because technically, that is our legal name.

Korbull vs. Korbel. How should you pronounce it? Like the champagne of course. After all, we are the champagne of graduate schools.

Sigh vs. Sie?  This is pronounced “see”. Thanks to the generous support of Anna and John Sie, we will be moving into our new building in the spring quarter.

Joseph vs. Josef? In this case, it is Josef as that was the czech spelling of our namesake.

Party vs. Pardee? The Party Center sells discounted party supplies and is really only busy during Halloween. The Pardee Center  conducts quantitative modeling to forecast global scenarios. They are busy year round.

Next week, if it is the quarter system, why do we only take classes three times per year.


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