Q: Do I have to take the GRE?

Q: Do I have to take the GRE?

A: Yes.

All applicants for the MA programs and the PhD program must submit official (and current) GRE scores. There are no requirements when it comes to scores, but since 99.9% of applicants ask about GRE scores, here are the average scores of an average student profile:

157 Verbal

150 Quantitative

4.2 Analytical Writing

You are welcome to take the GRE more than once. In fact, if you have multiple scores, we’ll take the highest score for each GRE section.

Once in a while we get the question of whether or not one can retake the GRE once they are admitted. First, why sit through the exam again if you’re already admitted? Second, no – once you have been admitted, you may not update supplementary materials to your file. If you choose to take the GRE once more after being admitted (but again…why do that to yourself?) and want the more recent scores to count towards your admissions file, you must reapply for a later enrollment date.

If you took the GRE five years ago, no need to take the test again – GRE scores are valid for five years. Unsure of the exact date you took the GRE five years ago? Give ETS a call, and they can let you know if your scores are still valid.

Also, please don’t forget that we look at an applicant’s entire file, not just the test scores. Alone, that score is just a number. But when combined with your personal statement, transcript, letters of recommendation, etc., then we can see a better picture of who you are as an individual.


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