Q: Undergrad transcripts…?

Q: Undergrad transcripts…?

A: Remember that time you “studied abroad” in Spain for a semester (and by “studied abroad” I mean gallivanted throughout Europe, spent all your money on Ryan Air flights and hostels, did as the Spaniards do and stayed up until 8am, and ate your way through all the jamon)? We’re going to need to see that transcript.

All applicants must submit their official undergraduate transcripts. If your undergraduate home institution includes your abroad institute, courses, credit hours, and grades received, then a separate transcript may not be required.

What makes a transcript official, you may ask? Well, an official transcript arrives in an envelope sealed and stamped with the registrar / school’s official stamp.

If your transcript is from an international institution, the transcript must still arrive in a sealed and stamped envelope with the official stamp of the school and in the original language of instruction. Non-English transcripts must be submitted with notarized or certified translations.

Also – official transcripts can be sent directly from your university’s registrar’s office to the University of Denver’s Office of Graduate Studies. NOTE: this is not the Josef Korbel School Admissions Office!

Office of Graduate Studies

Mary Reed Building – Room 5

2199 South University Boulevard

Denver, CO 80208

If you still have questions or this post confused you even more, as always, feel free to reach out to our office – we are happy to help!


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