Q: Should I apply for the Winter enrollment or the Fall enrollment?

Q: Should I apply for the Winter enrollment or the Fall enrollment?

A: Well, that depends. Do you want to start school in January or in September? There is no real advantage to starting graduate school at Josef Korbel in the fall over the winter, or vice versa. Let me elaborate…

When you start graduate school in the winter, you are technically starting school half way through the academic year. However, two big reasons why this is not a big deal:

  1. Classes at Josef Korbel are a mix of 1st years and 2nd This means that all students start a class on equal footing.
  2. Josef Korbel (and all of DU, for that matter) is on the quarter system. This means that if you start in January, you are only starting one quarter (10 weeks) after the cohort that started in September. You haven’t missed much at all!

When you start school in the fall, you simply are on a traditional academic calendar of being in school from September through May.

The biggest difference in the two enrollment periods is the size of the cohort. A winter starting cohort is typically an average of 20 students. The fall cohort has about 200 enrolling students.

One plus for starting in winter: the mountains


One plus for starting in fall: the mountains


So, really, the takeaways here are a) the mountains and b) the decision of when to enroll is completely up to you. If it works best for your current work or current school schedule to start in January, go for it. Or, if you prefer to start in September, by all means.

Just remember these application deadlines:

Winter 2016 Enrollment application due November 1, 2015

Fall 2016 Enrollment application due January 15, 2016 *This is a priority deadline.  Completed applications received after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.


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