When you call Korbel…

……You will likely speak with one of our talented, amazing and friendly student staff members.  Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Vessi.  Vessi is a Denver transplant who has no intent on leaving the area, a self-proclaimed lover of exclamation points and has been a vegetarian for four years.  When it comes to eggs benedict, Vessi is our connoisseur.

Vessi2My name is Vessi and I’m a second year MA International Development student. My concentrations are Nonprofit Management, Human Trafficking and Humanitarian Assistance. My alma mater is the University of South Carolina (commonly known as “the other USC”) where every Saturday is a tailgate and the tea is always sweet. Though I miss being close to the coast, I love being here in Denver, CO! The people are friendly and there’s always something new to do or explore. My top three reasons for loving being in Denver:

  1. The mountains! They surround the city and a hike is only 30 minutes away! Plus the sunsets here will literally make you tear up. They. Are. Beautiful.
  2. Wash Park! The park is close to DU and offers a much needed respite from classes and work. Every Saturday the volleyball courts go up, there’s a bocce court, as well as several tennis courts. Plus on weekends, a literal ice cream truck shows up (see attached picture)
  3. Josef Korbel! The professors and my fellow students inspire and challenge me every day. It’s amazing to be surrounded by such passionate people. I’m loving my experience here so far.

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