When you call Korbel…

image2……You will likely speak with one of our talented, amazing and friendly student staff members. Today, I want to introduce you to Hannah, the one who knows how to find the best deals in Denver. She saved me $50 the other day when I just happened to be ordering $100 worth of Papa Johns Pizza. Pro Tip, when the Broncos win, the next day, most of the town seems to be having a sale to celebrate. I know this now thanks to Hannah.

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am a second year MA student in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration. I, like Brad, was a farm kid from the Midwest and moved out to Denver for the Korbel School – now I want to stay! Denver is an amazing city where there is always something to do. When I am no at Korbel, I enjoy hiking, skiing/snowboarding, road tripping with friends, shopping and other Denverite things.

I love working in the Office of Graduate Admission Office where I get to meet perspective students and share my Korbel story. The Josef Korbel School is a great place to be and here are the top 3 reasons while you should feel that way too!

  1. The People.

Whether it is your friends, classmates, staff or faculty, the people at Korbel are some of the best! There is a real sense of collaboration among our community and that facilitates all kinds of learning opportunities. The faculty members here are accessible and are (almost) always willing to meet students – even outside of their office hours. The people you sit next to in your classes may very well be your coworkers in the future, or else people that you will just really want to get to know.

  1. Our Location

One of the most common questions we get in the Admission Office is “Why Denver and not D.C.?” For me, it was an easy answer. Why wouldn’t you want to be in Colorado? Aside from the fresh mountain air and all the adventure, Denver is bustling with federal agencies, renowned corporations and a ton of non-profit organziations. This hub of excitement will have something of interest for all Korbel students seeking an internship or a career after graduation.

  1. The Programs

No one student will come out of Korbel with the same education. Our programs are some of the most flexible in the nation, ensuring that you study what you want to study. Yes, there are the core courses for each degree, but there is a lot of room in the degree for you to choose electives and build your own concentrations. Students either choose to focus on one aspect of their degree, choose a regional focus, or even branch outside of Korbel to build a concentration outside of International Studies.  I love talking to other GFTEI degree students and finding out what their interests are! We are all so different and it is amazing that we are all able study what our passion is in the same place.

I have so many more reasons why I love Korbel, but I guess you will have to call or email us in the Office of  Graduate Admission to find out if Korbel is the place for you.


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