When you call Korbel…

…You will likely speak with one of our talented, amazing and friendly student staff members. Today, I want to introduce you to Jen, a great colleague with a Jedi presence, always calm, cool and collected. That is until my (ours, they belong to all of us) Iowa Hawkeyes play her beloved Marquette Eagles (I think their mascot is an eagle but you judge for yourself, looks like a dis-formed tree with stump fingers). I look forward to watching Jen turn into a nervous wreck when our Iowa Hawkeyes do what Hawkeyes do. Win.

My name is Jen and I am a second year MA student at the Josef Korbel School studying International Security, with concentrations in defense and intelligence. Before coming to Korbel, I spent my undergraduate years developing a deeper love of cheese, the Green Bay Packers and Marquette basketball (go Golden Eagles!). If you’re calling us this fall quarter, you won’t be able to speak with me because I am participating in our Korbel in D.C. program. But I’ll be back to Denver this winter, just in time for ski season! When I’m not studying or working, I can be found either on the side of a mountain, in a car weekend road-tripping around Colorado, or in one of Denver’s numerous coffee shops. Let’s be real, caffeine is an important grad school staple.


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