When you call Korbel…

…you often get to speak with one of our talented, amazing and friendly student staff members. If you’re unlucky, you speak with me. Our students go on to important jobs that are impacting development, human rights and security, and while I love my job, I live vicariously through them. Thus, I’m not amazing.

Here is what you need to know about me. I’ve worked in the field of college of admissions my whole adult life. I love telling the story of the Korbel School and helping students determine if it is a good fit for their career goals. Outside of work, I’m married to the talented Jessica Yoder who studied at Oxford grew up in Kenya and reads Tennyson for fun. I’m a farm kid from Iowa so you could say she is the more interesting of the two of us. In my spare time (kids ruin spare time) I’m trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, learn how to make my own Kombucha and raise my own chickens (again, farm kid).

My favorite thing about Korbel is the flexibility. I love that two students can both graduate from our Human Rights degree with a very different skill set, all based off what courses they take, what internships they pursue and what direction they want to send their career.

I love Denver because we have a quality of life that is hard to beat. This is one reason so many people are moving to Denver which is surprisingly not listed on this info-graphic but the availability of self storage is?

Give Korbel a call, let’s chat.

2015-04-22 09.43.22 My son and me at the construction site of The Josef Korbel School’ new building, the Anna and John J. Sie International Relations Complex.

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