Korbel’s influence on the College Football Playoff

Graduates of the Josef Korbel School impact the world in so many ways. Recently, one of our graduates negotiated the US/Iran nuclear deal. Other graduates help refugees, fight human trafficking and work on sustainable development projects.

One of our most notable graduates is former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She is notable for many obvious reasons, but on the eve of the college football season, I’d like to highlight one of her often overlooked accomplishments–making and breaking college football fans’ dreams. As a member of College Football’s playoff committee, she votes on who gets into the playoffs and who does not. Last year, the committee made the bold choice of choosing Ohio State, which ended up being the correct choice after they won the title.

Days like today, I’m filled with hope for the upcoming season. My hometown team, the Iowa Hawkeyes kick off their season on Saturday and I aim to do what I can to get them on Secretary Rice’s radar as a potential team to watch. They have a new quarterback, a solid run game and a lock down pass defense. Unfortunately, they also have a history of being mediocre and non-existent in close game situations. So while hope is a four letter word for most Hawkeye fans, I’m optimistic this could be our year (as a Cubs fan, I say this every year as well). Secretary Rice, from one Korbelian to another–keep an eye on those Hawkeyes at least until they lose their first game which in all likelihood could be Saturday.

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions


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