Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad

This edition of Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad is formatted a little differently.

Becky, a 2013 MA in International Studies Korbel graduate, wanted to write a letter to current and prospective Korbel students sharing her outlook on Korbel and the opportunities it has provided her in her career so far!

Becky PictureMy name is Becky Li. Currently I am living in New York, working as a Quality Improvement Coordinator at HeartShare Human Services, which is the 2nd largest non-profit in the City, funded by Federal and NY State Government.

A year ago, I postponed my graduation and moved to NYC because of an internship position at United Nations Secretariat. Under the support and supervision from Prof. Zhao, I did an independent study in order to complete my degree at Korbel long distance from NYC. In a realistic perspective as an international student majoring in International Studies program, I would like to say that courses of Statistics, Professional Communications, and some IGOs related briefings are really helpful in job searches.

I am sincerely glad to have studied at Korbel, specifically learning knowledge and stories from experienced professors and friends. To all dear Korbel students, best wishes to you all. You will never regret choosing Korbel.

Best Regards,
Becky Li


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