Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad

Sarah, a 2014 Korbel Grad, stops in to share her story on today’s Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad.

1EW_7277 (small)

  1. Where do you currently work?

I work at the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians where I serve as the Director of Health of the Public.

  1. Which courses or professors at Korbel do you think best prepared you for this job?

My primary responsibility in my current position is managing the implementation of a pediatric obesity intervention in several primary care offices across the state of Colorado. I often refer to this work as international development in a domestic context. Statistics, Fundraising and Financial Management for Non-profits, and my global health classes best prepared me for my current role.

  1. We know that graduate school is an investment, how did you finance your graduate school investment?

Scholarships funded a significant portion of my education. I also worked several part-time positions during my first year. In my second year my work study position turned into a full-time job. And, of course, student loans.

  1. How did Korbel’s location in Denver impact your job search?

Denver is a great place to live and it’s a great place to work.  Volunteer positions and jobs that I had during graduate school turned into full-time opportunities post graduation.  For me, it was easier to find a position in the place where I had built networks during graduate school.

  1. How have you utilized Korbel’s alumni network?

The alumni network has been very important to me – a Korbel alum sent me the job posting for my current position! One of the great things about living in Denver is the small, connected community. I run into Korbel alum often and its an easy way to stay connected professionally and socially.


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