We are on break? We are on break!!!!

Ah yes, the joys of the quarter system and if you are a Korbel student next year, you too will be on break which will allow you to tweet annoying things to your friends like, “I’m on break, #YouShould’veComeToKorbel”.  This is the one day that everyone loves the quarter system. Last week though, everyone hated the quarter system, because while you were watching a pretty entertaining Saturday of college football, DU students were writing final papers.

No classes are scheduled till January 5th–which leaves free time to learn a language, work, ski or travel.

Q:I’m confused, what is the quarter system, how does it work? 

A: The quarter system is 10 weeks long, students take 3 classes (5 credits each) each quarter. Classes meet one time per week for 3 hours.

Q: So, you take classes four times per year?

A: Kind of, while we offer courses during the summer quarter, most students pursue their internship from June to September. The majority of students pursue coursework during the fall, winter and spring quarters.

Q: I’m still confused how this quarter system thing works.

A: Sorry, I’m doing a poor job of explaining it because I’m so giddy about winter break*. Read this. Still not understanding? Here is the academic calendar.

*Bad news for me. While we are not holding courses till January, I’m still required to report to work as usual. So, if you need me, give me a call, shoot me an email, find me on skype.

Brad Miller




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