Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad

It’s Tuesday! That means that we are chatting with a recent graduate from Korbel. This week we asked Alison, a 2013 MA in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration Korbel graduate.

Alison Lowe_NG profile2

Check out what she had to say about how Korbel impacted her career path.

1.       Where do you currently work?

I recently left a job as the Business Editor of The Nassau Guardian newspaper, in Nassau, Bahamas, where I am from. I am now living in Sydney, Australia, and working as an independent consultant to the Inter American Development Bank. I assist the Nassau office in the preparation of policy-related briefs and papers about matters affecting economic and social development in The Bahamas. Most recently, this has included a policy brief on the role of the illegal gambling industry in the country, which the government is now seeking to regularise, and how this impacts the economy and the financial sector.

2.       Which courses or professors at Korbel do you think best prepared you for this job?

I think all of my courses prepared me to some extent for this role, giving me a more rounded understanding of development issues, economics and financial development, how to write short papers on policy issues, and more. However, there were a few that would have done so more than others. Dr. Ilene Grabel’s Finance and Development course, which looks at developing country’s financial sectors and policies in this area, is one which stands out. Dr. George MeMartino’s course on International Trade, along with Dr. Rachel Epstein’s International Political Economy class and Dr. Martin Rhodes’ course on Comparative Political Economy were also all very rigorous and tested and improved my analytical and written skills in a way that I think would assist me in my current position.

3.       How did Korbel’s location in Denver impact your job search?

As an international student, many of the opportunities I was looking for were outside of Denver and even the U.S. and so wherever I was in the U.S. I would’ve been looking outside of that place. During term time I was able to do internships in Denver that were relevant to my program and my goals, and during the Summer break I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to do an internship with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean’s sub-regional headquarters there. My location in Denver was no impediment to those experiences, which all assisted me in my final job search, at all. Perhaps if my goal had been to work in DC or New York things would have been different, but even in that case I know many people who were able to make connections in DC and get jobs there ultimately by doing internships in those cities during Summer or Winter breaks, or networking in Denver, or simply by moving to one of those cities after they graduated. In the meantime, we all had an awesome time living in Denver while pursuing our studies – so the best of both worlds, really!

We will see you next Tuesday for our next edition of Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad.


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