Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad

Our hopes for this particular series on the blog is to have recent graduates answer questions that prospective students (or even current Korbelians) may have not only about Korbel, but also about graduate school in general.

In our first edition of the series, Tuesdays* with a Korbel Grad, we recently chatted with Airin. Airin is a 2014 MA in International Studies Korbel graduate.

  1. Where do you currently work?

After graduating from Korbel, I returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. However, as my husband’s job required him to be transferred to another city in Indonesia, I may come along with him. The city he will be transferred to is called Balikpapan, the richest city in Indonesia. Balikpapan is home to the world’s biggest mining and oil companies, so I may try to apply to one of these companies while I am on leave from the ministry.

  1. Which courses or professors at Korbel do you think best prepared you for this job?

Prof. Lewis Griffith is one of the best professors at Korbel who can help you if you want to be in the Foreign Service/ National Security industry. The materials from his class are mostly practical and his experience in the field really helps to get an idea of what it is like working for the government. As I did my SRP on mining/oil problems in developing countries, Prof. Lynn Holland, who was my supervisor, also helped me a lot in understanding these issues, and I may try to get more of her insights should I apply for a job in the oil industry.

  1. We know that graduate school is an investment, how did you finance your graduate school investment?

I was fortunate enough to have my graduate school funded by several scholarships. However, for me graduate school was not only about financial investment, but also time investment. Going to graduate school in Korbel was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my education therefore my time investment was definitely worth it.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Tuesdays with a Korbel Grad!

*Yes, I get the irony that this is published on a Wednesday. I forgot to hit the submit button.


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