Peace Corps Application Process

I recently heard on NPR about the Peace Corps new application process. In full disclosure, I will confess that I never participated in the Peace Corps. As a 21 year old fresh out of college, I really wanted to do the Peace Corps, but could not stomach the idea of committing to the essay requirement (also, if you can’t get through an essay question, you’d never last in the Peace Corps). 

The Peace Corps has seen their applications drop by a 1/3rd since 2009 so they are implementing these new application requirements which are great for you.

1. A shorter application/essay process (too late for me I guess)

2. The ability to choose where you want to serve

3. Shorter pre departure wait times

These are all great new changes to the application process and hopefully will lead to more people joining. While I never joined the Peace Corps, I encourage others to enroll–it’s a great way to gain work experience, language skills and direction for where you want to take your career. Plus we have two formal programs with the Peace Corps: The Coverdell Fellows program (for returned Peace Corps volunteers) and the Masters International Program (for individuals heading into the Peace Corps).

In related news, The University of Denver is still the largest program for returned Peace Corps Volunteers and a top 10 Masters International Program. 



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