How I plan to spend my summer vacation by Sarah Davis

How I Plan to Spend My Summer

Starting this June, I will be interning at the State Department in its Washington D.C headquarters. I will be working in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, which focuses on U.S. foreign policy, diplomatic relations and regional policy issues in the Middle East. I wanted to intern with the U.S. government specifically because I had experience in the private and non-profit sector and wanted to see if government work would be something I would want to pursue post-Korbel. The State department is fantastic place to learn professional work experience skills, from communicating professionally and succinctly to prioritizing  tasks and projects, attributes I am always trying to improve.

Starting in September, I will start my second internship in DC at Free the Slaves, a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating slavery and the systems that allow it to exist. I will be a policy intern and will work on different domestic and international policy efforts that Free the Slaves advocates and organizes. I have worked for other anti-human trafficking nonprofits in the past but not in this capacity so I’m excited to expand my skills in this particular field. While I am in this internship during the fall, I will also be on the Korbel DC Semester Program and taking classes in the evening twice a week. It will be a lot of work but a lot of fun! Even though I will miss Denver, I enjoy being in DC and am looking forward to being there for an extended period of time.


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