How I plan to spend my summer vacation by Sierra Kalb

I am interning at a non-profit in Munich, Germany called Women in Europe for a Common Future in their Energy Department. WECF is a European non-profit that works closely with the European Union and United Nations on several different areas from Energy and Climate Change to Women’s Health.  I will be working as a research assistant focusing on renewable energy promotion and writing and editing some of their upcoming publications. A friend of mine has interned with this non-profit before and encouraged me to reach out to them. When I did they offered me an internship after interviewing with them in Munich over spring break.  My husband is German and is still living there while we await his visa, so I am going to wait with him while interning. I will be living at my sister-in-law’s house while I am there.  I chose this internship so I could be in Germany this summer. Also, because they speak some English in the office! I can’t wait to gain international work experience and spend the summer with my German family! I am really excited to go and spend the summer in Deutschland!


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