How to circle yes or no

It’s great to see that some of you plan to join us next year as evidenced by your tuition deposit. I’m sad to see that some of you plan not to join us this as evidenced by the “withdraw” listed on your applications. How does it get to this point? Great question.

To pay your tuition deposit which will secure your spot in the class and make this happen, you need to follow these steps:

Accept  admissions offer:

  • Log into DU’s webCentral  by entering your DUID: 87___________ (found in your admission letter) and your passcode (your birthdate, MMDDYY, is your preset password unless you changed it during the application process)

Once you have entered webCentral for the first time, you are required to change your passcode

  • Click on the “Incoming Graduate Students” tab
  • Click on the Processed Applications link and select the fall 2014 term

Step 1.  Inform us of your intent to enroll

Step 2. Pay your $500 admission deposit by clicking the Pay Deposit Link*

*If you have already informed us of your intent to enroll and still need to submit your admission deposit, please use the deposit link on the “Incoming Graduate Student” tab. Our tuition payment center allows you to pay your deposit using electronic check (ACH) for no fee or a credit card payment with a nominal fee. The tuition deposit will be applied to your first quarter’s tuition upon matriculation.

To decline your admission offer, follow the same steps listed above, only this time, click the decline button.

I hope to see you in the fall.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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