#UnitedInOrange vs. the 12th Fan

Big weekend y’all. It’s Brad (Broncos) vs. Tara (Seahawks) for a year of office bragging rights. Loser buys coffee on Monday morning.

Last Tuesday, we received a strict email from Human Resources telling us we must wear Broncos gear on #unitedinorange Friday. Please let the record show, as displayed in the photo below, that Tara Stenbakken is breaking DU HR policy with her blue and green “Every Play I’m Russell’n” T-shirt.

May the best team win!

2014-01-31 09.16.16I suppose I should also point out that Tara is from Seattle and has been a loyal Seahawks fan since birth, whereas I only started liking the Broncos after they dropped Tebow and picked up the most American Quarterback since Roger Staubach. Snaps to Tara for her loyalty, even when an entire city is against her.

Brad Miller



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