Excuse the diatribe y’all, but after reviewing a handful of applications today and noticing a few of these errors, this deserves mention:

Rule #1 for the personal statement: Know thy name of thy school. Today, I saw mention of wanting to go to the Jeff Korbel School, the Joseph Korbel School and Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy.

Jeff Korbel played Middle Linebacker in the Canadian Football League in the late 90’s. He knew a lot about the zone blitz but from my understanding, very little about international relations, although hey, Canada. Still, you don’t want to go to his school. Trust me.

Joseph Korbel School vs. Josef Korbel School. It is an easy mistake. Too easy. Don’t make it.

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is a great school. It is also an APSIA school (as is the Josef Korbel School) which, let me get on my soapbox, you should all consider APSIA schools. Just make sure to do a ctrl+f replace when applying to APSIA schools.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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