It’s 2014! Wait? It’s 2014?

I’ve been out of the office for a while and some things happened while I was gone. First off, it’s 2014, really? Good grief, it’s been 14 years since Y2K when we thought planes would fall from the sky and computers would use the space bar to snack on our thumbs? Fast forward 14 years and here we are. I’m here, typing, you’re there, reading, and we’re both eager to get this application process started, so here we go:

1. Application deadline is coming (January 15). Try to click submit on the online application by midnight on the 15th…if it comes in late, no worries* (continue reading next point).

2. Next, follow up clicking the submit button with sending in your documents. If you’re applying to the MA, the deadline is soft as we review applications well into the spring. If you’re applying to the PhD, *things are more urgent. The PhD Admission Committee will meet in late February, if your application is incomplete…awkward.

2. We are reading applications as they come in. So far so good although some of you started your personal statements with Ghandi quotes. Oh well.

3. If you want to check the status of your application after it is submitted, you can do so via webcentral.  Your DU/User ID is 87XXXXXXX (don’t know your 87XXXXXX? Email, they will tell you) and your initial passcode is your birth date in MMDDYY format. You will need to change your passcode upon login. After logging in to webCentral, click on myWeb > Banner Self-Service > Student and Financial Aid > Admissions. Then select the processed application.

This is going to be a good year.


[Edit After Post] I just did some math and noted that some of you were about 7 years old in the year 2000. Let’s back up a bit. Do you remember this?


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