Why is the easiest part of the application the hardest?

There are difficult things in life (junior high, lasting 90 days in P90X) and there are easy things in life (getting 20% off at Bed Bath and Beyond, finding a VCR at Goodwill). We like the easy things and we wait until the last minute to actually follow through on the difficult things. Let me try to make your life easier by telling you that the thing about the application process you find to be the hardiest is actually quite simple; clicking the submit button. The application deadline is January 15th and roughly a 1/3rd of you will wait until the day of the deadline to click submit. You have excellent reasons for doing this: editing your personal statement and double checking your resume–both things you should do and should take your time doing.  However you could always send us updated copies of those later. You could basically complete your online application on your phone, right now. The online application is simple data entry (what is your name? where do you live? to what program are you applying?). If you do not know the answers to these questions, graduate school is not in your future. Yes, there are questions like “what was your GPA, and list any memberships or professional organizations” but in all honesty, we’ll be using the GPA from your transcripts as the official one (so you could leave that question blank) and we’ll pay more attention to your resume than the items listed on your application.

Why you should click the submit button tonight: Because if you’re sending us documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, GRE scores) and you have not clicked submit, all those documents go straight into a filing cabinet with the rest of the documents we receive (um, we get a lot). However, if you click the submit button, they are matched to your file. In other words, when you click the submit button, it notifies us that you are ready to apply, we start gathering your documents together and we can actually tell you (when you call in) which of your items we have in our possession. If you have yet to submit the application, the best we can do is tell you your documents are most likely here but it is hard to confirm until you actually click the submit button.

I’m not done editing my personal statement and resume: That is fine, you can always send an updated personal statement/resume to us and we can use that for your file.

I have not taken the GRE yet: Again, no worries, when you take the test, ETS will send us the results.

What if I want to change something?  If you want to change your address or program of study, email us that change at gradinfo@du.edu. Easy.

I’m just not ready ok! Ok, I’ll back off. We still cool?

Regardless of when you click the submit button, I’m glad you started the application process!


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