Should I wear my Ostrich Pillow on the airplane

Remember that time you were bored on that flight to LA? Somewhere over Nevada you started reading skymall when you saw this guy and thought to yourself: “if I ever sit next to a guy and an inflatable pillow I will pop it”. Jerk.

Remember that time you were flying across the Pacific and you were really tired? I mean pass out from exhaustion tired? You thought to yourself, “since I fly coach, I wish I had a way to be comfortable”.

I find myself somewhere in-between. I hate drawing attention to myself, I hate being uncomfortable on airplanes. I generally laugh at everyone in skymall, yet covet their lifestyle. When my friend Eric gave me the ostrich pillow last year, I put it on right away and thought “this is an awesome pillow, it really forms around my head and promotes REM sleep”.

Now I’m faced with the dilemma of actually using it. Wear it and look like, worse than, that guy from skymall, don’t wear it suffer through 13 hours of discomfort. What should I do?

My ostrich pillow


If you’re in Singapore, Bangkok or Jakarta, make sure to see me, with or without the ostrich pillow at one of these events:

Singapore APSIA graduate Fair

Jakarta APSIA graduate Fair

Bangkok APSIA graduate Fair


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