Meet Jen Nace, she met her MA dream and MR dreamy at Korbel

Say hello to Jennifer Nace. She is a second year International Security student who is passionate about

Name: Jen Nace

Hometown: Upland, Indiana

Undergraduate institution: Taylor University

MA Program: International Security (woot, woot!)

Why I came to Korbel: I love that the 6 MA’s at Korbel balance structure and flexibility.  The structure provides a basic framework for IR with discussions among/ across degrees in courses like IPE, showing the importance of understanding the relevance of other perspectives such as finance, security, human rights, and development.  The flexibility to concentrate in topical, regional, or methodological areas of interest has allowed me to direct my studies in a way that is most relevant to my career goals.  I applied to Korbel knowing that I wanted to study theory and its application so that I could apply it at work every day; I wanted to learn more so that I could do more.  I came to study human trafficking, not only to learn more about the field but to learn how it relates to others and difficulties or possibilities of methods to address it.  A year and a half in, I know more about what I don’t know, but I feel more confident in engaging with the work.

Favorite Grad School distraction: Skiing! Heck yes, I live in Denver! I bake like it’s nobody’s business, and I love to go running with my roommates dog.  Yes, one distraction totally leads to the other. In grad school we call that “causality.”

Brad Miller and Tara Stenbakken love football. My general feelings on football are: My fiancé loves football.  I love my fiancé.  You do the math.



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