Meet Sierra, a horned frog who rides horses

Name: Sierra Ballard

Hometown: Carlsbad, New Mexico

Undergraduate institution: Texas Christian University

MA Program: Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration

Dream Job: Working in the field of energy development or energy security

Why I came to Korbel: Denver is a great city and Korbel makes it super easy to make your degree what you want it to be. Also, it’s not as cut throat and competitive as DC, I can be in a great program and still enjoy life through graduate school J

Favorite Grad School distraction:going to ride some jumping horses

I hope to intern with: I am not exactly sure on my internship as of right now. The World Trade Center in Denver would be great or an NGO!

Brad Miller and Tara Stenbakken love football. My general feelings on football are: College football is the best, GO FROGS! It’s always nice to have a good reason to take a break and have a beer!




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