Playing chicken

Today was the annual APSIA meeting for admission directors. Yes, we talk to each other, believe it or not, we actually like each other, which is why twice a year we get together to talk and eat subpar catering. What do we talk about? Well, you mostly. That is, how we can better serve you and help you learn more about the field of international relations. We really do want the best for you. If you’re going out tonight you really should wear a light jacket.

So, some questions for you, how can APSIA do a better job of helping you learn more about the field of IR? Do you like college fairs? Would you prefer a different format? If so, what? Would you like to attend an APSIA webinar? What about a virtual fair? What would you like out of the APSIA website? More videos? More interaction?
Let me know in the comments section and I will pass this along at our next meeting (June in Chicago so you have some time).

We also discuss trends we have seen over the past few years and one of those trends is the number of people who wait till THE LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE to submit their application. Obviously we give you a deadline to apply and in doing so give you the right to wait till 11:59pm to submit your application. What was discussed though was that maybe you might not want to, you know cause: early bird gets the worm, the longer you wait to click submit the longer it takes match up your documents and most importantly, critical mass at 11:59pm crashes the website. The point of this blog is to be transparent and share tips and tricks so here is a tip and a trick (happy Halloween). If you are ready to click submit, do it. When you click submit, the work starts for us. We all turn up the Spotify (I’m really into strange Nordic bands right now–think Sigor Ros, but more cooing) and start to match up all the documents you sent in–but not until your application has been submitted. I’d prefer you click submit now (yeah like right now) and send in your docs later. So if you are hoping to hear from us, and your statement is written, your resume edited and your letters of rec requested–do us all a favor and click submit. Don’t play chicken with the deadline.

Brad Miller
Director of Admission


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