Meet Sarah Davis, she has a pet snake named Chaici

This week, we meet Sarah Davis, a Human Right’s student at the Korbel School who also works in the Admission Office. Sarah used to live in India and while there, learned the art of snake charming. She has a pet snake named Chaici that she taught to dance like this.

Name: Sarah Davis

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Undergraduate institution: Westmont College

MA Program: International Human Rights

Dream Job: Having a role in effectively combating human trafficking

Why I came to Korbel: the Human Trafficking Center, the city of Denver and to cross off “live where it snows” off my goals list.

Favorite Grad School distraction: running, farmers markets, reading anything not related to school, dance parties

This summer, I hope to intern at: ideally FBI (if they actually open up the internship).

Brad Miller and Tara Stenbakken love football. My general feelings on football are: Niner pride, but as long as you are not a Raiders fan, I can actually watch a game with you.



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