Meet Lena Gerber, a German Purdue Fan who can pull off an Iron Lotus

I’d like to introduce one of our student workers, Lena Gerber. She’s German, grew up in Indiana, went to Purdue (as an Iowa fan, this pains me) and is responsible for convincing Peyton Manning to sign with the Broncos. Also, rumor has it she is the only  figure skater to live through the iron lotus.

Name: Lena Gerber

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Undergraduate institution: Purdue University

MA Program: International Development

Dream Job: Working with refugees on a case management basis

Why I came to Korbel: the prestige, flexibility of the program, the Humanitarian Certificate program, Denver’s location

Favorite Grad School distraction: figure skating at the ice rink (it’s free for all DU students!)

This summer, I hope to intern at: USAID, any nonprofit working with refugees, somewhere in Africa

Brad Miller and Tara Stenbakken love football. My general feelings on football are: Peyton Manning is my man.



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