Introducing Our New Certificate in International Law and Human Rights

The Josef Korbel School is excited to offer a new International Law and Human Rights certificate.  It allows students at both the Sturm College of Law (Sturm) and the Josef Korbel School (Korbel) to pursue interdisciplinary studies in international human rights law. For decades, students at Sturm and Korbel have shown a strong interest in international human rights law while both schools have historically offered a broad range of courses in the area.  Moreover, students from both schools have gone on to careers in various aspects of international human rights work. The joint certificate in International Law and Human Rights integrates the strengths and many course offerings at each school with the goal of enriching and deepening the students understanding of international law and human rights-which they may then carry over into the job market.

The certificate requires completion of three core courses and additional 4 or 5 electives for a total of 35 quarter hours – this credit will also count towards the student’s original degree program.  Generally, students will take half their coursework at Korbel and half their coursework at the Sturm College of Law. Students must also complete a practicum and/or internship.

Lena Gerber

MA Candidate in International Development

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