Good vs Brad

Things I am good at:

1. Thumb wrestling. My left thumb, it is huge.

2. Speed flossing. Not a real sport. Sadly, neither is thumb wrestling.

3. Drawing Bart Simpson. Seriously, been a master at this since the 5th grade (edit, see #3 below)

4. Making the perfect nachos. It’s all about proper cheese distribution from the bottom up. Also, the occasional jalapeno does wonders. Don’t over do it though.

5. Looking like Chris Katan. Neither a skill nor a blessing.

Things I am bad at: 

1. Ironing. No excuse.

2. Updating this blog. Unfortunately, it impacts you more than my perfect nachos. Shameful. I’ll try to do better.

3. Lying to you. Sorry, not sure why I lied to you. I won’t do better at updating this blog.  My wife and I are having a baby soon so I might continue to go weeks between posts. In the meantime, read Alison Lowe’s blog. She’s cooler than me (English accent trumps Iowa accept every time ) and updates her blog more often.


Brad Miller

Director of Admissions



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