When you’ll get your admission decision according to Nate Silver

Big weekend everyone, big weekend. This was supposed to be the weekend that the Denver Broncos won the super bowl and I got to experience my first ticker tape parade, but then Ray Lewis and his little tippy toe dance came to town and make this weekend irrelevant for Broncos fans. So, while I’ll watch the game out of pure habit, I’ll be watching it for the commercials. Besides, Nate Silver has all but given the game to the 49ers. Speaking of Nate Silver, I bet you’d like to have his foresight right now to see when you might be receiving an admission decision.  We have 77% of our MA applicant pool to review with most of these being sent to review this week. In fact, I’ll be reviewing applications all day tomorrow so I can try to make a dent in that pile. We are still hoping that we can get you an admission decision within 4 weeks of your application becoming complete–that is, 4 weeks after you get the email from us saying your application is complete.

Freak out moment #1. Oh no Brad, my application is still incomplete because:

a. I need to hand in a transcript

b. My letter of recommendation author is M.I.A

c. I’m taking the GRE…soonish

d. All of the above

Don’t worry, with so many applications to review, you’ve got plenty of time. Today, someone called to see when it would be considered too late to apply. The quick answer is I don’t know but I’ll be able to tell you after it is too late. We’ll probably keep the application open for a while yet, so you still have time–basically, if the online application is still live, there is still time.

While you wait for a decision on your application, check out these links to some interesting articles I’ve been reading up on tonight:

1. Should the College Admissions World Operate like the NFL?

2. Cats kill how many birds per year? Good lord when will they call in the National Guard!

Brad Miller

Director of Admission


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