When will this end, when will you know?

Nothing exemplifies my life more right now than this cat.  Applications keep coming in to be reviewed. I review 50, return to work the next day and find 150 more waiting for me. This is bad news for the Admission Committee but great news for you since we’re doing our best to get to your application. Now, other than posting a .gif of a running cat, I will actually try to be helpful.

Here are the top two questions asked of Brad at the moment.


You: I submitted everything but it looks like my documents have yet to be received. What should I do?

Ask a Brad: Rest easy, drink a green smoothie and realize that the Office of Graduate Studies, who enters your documents into our database, is about 4 business days delayed due to the large amount of mail. If you still don’t see that we’ve received it next week, give them a call.

You: When can I expect to hear a decision?

Ask a Brad: We are trying hard, reading your files is a lot of work, enjoyable work, but work none the less. Our goal is to get back to you in 4 weeks after your MA application is complete. If you’re applying to our PhD program, you’ll find out in early March since the Committee has one final meeting to discuss candidates.





One thought on “When will this end, when will you know?

  1. That .gif is a great example of why I still subscribe to this blog, even though I’ve been accepted and now attend here. Thanks, Brad!

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