It is January 15!

Today is the priority deadline of January 15, the day that you’ve all been looking forward to since you started thinking about applying to the University of Denver! Or maybe not. Remember that this is a priority deadline and we’ll still review applications received after today. I checked in with the Office of Graduate Studies (who processes all of your applications) and they said that due to the mail they’ve received, they are running about 7 business days behind schedule. This means if you sent a document and it was received by the Office of Graduate Studies, it will take about 7 days before it is reflected as received on your online application. Remember that you can check the status of your application by following these steps:

Your DU/User ID is 87XXXXXXX and initial passcode is your birthdate in MMDDYY format. You will need to change your passcode upon login. After logging in to webCentral, click on myWeb > Banner Self-Service > Student and Financial Aid > Admissions. Then, select the processed application.

I know it is tough to wait, but rest assured that the Office of Graduate Studies is working hard to process your documents and we are enjoying reading through those files that are already complete. We’ll try to get back to you within about 1 month of your application being complete.

Final reminder, the Christian Updike Endowed Scholarship deadline is coming up, send in your essay now!

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions



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