Freaking Out Is So Twenty Twelve

2012 was the year of the salad, green smoothie and my quest for a 3:15 marathon. Two of those things happened and had it not been for Hurricane Sandy, I’m pretty sure I would have come close to accomplishing the third. This year, I’ve decided to continue with the health food kick but skip the marathon since we’re having a 2nd child (March) and I hear life with two kids is like one big ole never ending marathon. My life seems to be getting way too hectic and to help with that, I plan to borrow from one of the books that inspired me the most in 2012; Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Yes, it read way too much like a self help book, but for my time and place in life, I found value in it. Takeaways: eat more salad, slow down, live in the present, think before you speak, observe before you jump and by all means, do not freak out. While you should consider salad I beg you to please practice the art of not freaking out, especially when it comes to your application materials. We’re getting a lot of emails from applicants wanting to know if we got their documents . If you sent them, trust the system, they will get here. Don’t worry if they come in a few days after the deadline, breath, sip your tea and know that the point of life is to not freak out.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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