Admission Deadlines

I’ve been asked numerous times over the past two weeks about the deadline as in, what is it, and do I have to follow it. Because my life is made infinately more enjoyable by confusing you, we actually have two deadlines. Let me explain.

December 15 deadline that is really just a recommendation, like getting an oil change every 3 months: If you graduated from a university outside of the United States and your transcripts need to be translated or interpreted, then we recommend that you submit all your documents by December 15th. We do this, not to make your life more difficult, but because translating, interpreting and putting your GPA into a 4.0 scale takes time. This process is done by our Office of International Admissions and they get a ton of international transcripts to evaluate. This takes time (think weeks) and to ensure your application is complete and ready for Korbel to review on January 15th, we ask that you submit everything by December 15th. If you only took a study abroad course, your transcripts do not need to be evaluated by the Office of International Admissions

January 15th, the deadline that is soft, like a pretzel but more than recommended, like brushing your teeth daily. Lets face it, you will wait till the last minute to apply. I know this, and more importantly so do you. We always wait till the last minute. You hand in your final exam in the last hour, not 3 weeks early. You pay your taxes on April 14th and you apply to graduate school on the day of the deadline. Why you wait till the last minute is beyond me, but the important thing is that you apply. Since so many of you apply on the day of the deadline, we wake up on January 16th to a pile of applications and a deep desire for caffeine. Will we read your application on January 16th–probably not since we’ll be busy opening mail. Because we’ll be hiding under an application pile on January 16th I can assure you that we will not notice if your application comes in late, that is not an invitation to take your time but should put your mind at ease. Will you be penalized for applying on February 15th? Probably not, but the advantage of applying early is that scholarships tend to go to earlier applications. Wait, did you say February 15th? Oh yes I did.  If you apply late, you’re probably going to be just fine–but if you apply too late, you could be in trouble. When is an application considered too late? Good question but it is hard to answer since it all depends on when the available seats are filled.

The major exception to applying late is the PhD program. In that program, the committee reviews all the applications on one day, so if your application is late, you will not be considered. 

Clear as mud, right?

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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