I’m lucky in that I was one of the first people to get a Gmail account. I was unlucky in that I was not the first Brad Miller to get a Gmail account and after numerous unsuccessful emails to begging him to relinquishment his address, I created a new one. I wanted something professional because I knew I would use it on applications and resumes. This should be obvious, but make sure to use a professional email address when applying to graduate school. You’re probably not going to be denied admission because your email address is but you’re going to be judged because quite frankly you deserve to be judged, I mean, who has an aol account anymore right?  Also, make sure your email address is easy to give out over the phone, which really means avoid any of these examples from McSweeney’s.  Please please pretty please list an email address on the application that you will check and that you know you’ll have access to next August. Each summer, we send students an email about registering for courses and a few bounce back because several applicants used their undergraduate .edu address and graduated in May. Don’t let this mistake happen to you. Finally, check your email. Graduate schools ask for your email address because we need to get in contact with you. I emailed several applicants about discrepancies in their applications weeks ago have have yet to hear from them. Yes, I’m looking at you and




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