I know what you did last night

Let me guess what you did last night. You probably ate dinner, thought about going to spin class but then remembered there was a little event on TV that you wanted to watch. What was it again, Honey Boo Boo? No, maybe an informative documentary on PBS, nope? (although watch the Half the Sky documentary if you can). Oh yeah, you watched the Presidential Debate that took place at the University of Denver while eating Doritos and orange juice.  It was a great day for the school and an exciting time to be a DU student. I talked to a few students this afternoon who went to the debate (tickets were limited and awarded via a lottery) and they made it sound, well, kind of like what you saw on TV only with more security than the comfort of your living room and no Doritos.

Now things will go back to normal. Except things at Korbel are rarely normal. In a few weeks, we welcome General Ham, the second and current commander of US Africa Command. On November 8th, we’re hosting Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, the highest ranking Foreign Service Officer. We are also hosting an open house on November 8th. Come, eat cookies, mingle and find out what makes Korbel anything but normal.


Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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