We’re talking free Apps today!

As an iPad/iphone user I’m always interested in the Apps people find useful for daily life, especially when it comes to managing a busy schedule, taking notes and finding something to eat–basically the traditional life of a graduate student.  Below are my favorite Apps. Some of which were recommended by our graduate students.

1. Scan Pages

Why it is useful: It is 2012, we need to remove paper from our lives (which is why the application process is mostly paperless). This app allows you to create PDF files from book chapters (paperless does not equal bookless) and email them to classmates or add them to DropBox.

Cost: Free

2. DropBox: Also available for Android

Why is it useful: This is essentially 2012’s version of the 1987 trapper keeper. All your documents, in one place? Brilliant. Just like the commercial below, if you shake your phone, they don’t fall out.  Unlike the Lana Del Ray look alike, you don’t need a DropBox app for each subject, just create a new file within DropBox. I’m a zealot for few things other than flossing your teeth and this downloading this App. Get it now or I’ll stuff you in a locker.

Cost: Free, invite your friends to get extra storage

3. University of Denver App (Shameless self promotion here)

Why it is useful: Access to things you need when you don’t know where to find them (i.e. directory information). Also comes with course information. I didn’t know DU even had a fight song until I got this app., yes, I’m telling you it is worth it for the fight song alone.

Cost: Free, but probably only useful if you’re enrolled at DU which is not free.

4. Whole Foods App.

Why it is useful: You’re a graduate student, therefore, you probably won’t be shopping at Whole Paycheck, but this has a pretty cool feature that allows you to type in the contents of your fridge only to have a lip smacking recipe spit back at you (check it out…).











Cost: Free. Although the recipes are pure haute cuisine and will require a trip to Whole Foods…errr!

5. iSitter

Why it is useful: Works as a baby monitor complete with camera, and operates off of wifi which tends to have better range than traditional baby monitors. My lawyers want me to reiterate that you should never consider this a baby sitter–you still need to act when the baby begins to cry;  Siri is terrible at changing diapers.  Besides, only about 2% of our graduate students even have kids, but since it operates off wifi, this app effectively allows you to be in two places at once (a super power I NEED). Want to study but don’t want to miss that great guest speaker in the cafe? No worries, simply point your iPhone at the podium in the cafe while you watch the speaker on your iPad as you study across campus. Genius right?

Cost: Free. As I’m learning though, children are anything but free, so if you actually use it for its intended purpose you’re going to be paying out the ear for other costs (who knew baby Tae Kwan Do was so expensive?).

Use the comments section to share your favorite apps.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions



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