Mi open casa es su open casa

If you’re interested in visiting campus this fall, there are a few dates that you might want to put on your calendar. Any date is better than October 3rd, although in reality, that would probably be the coolest time to come. On October 3rd, the University of Denver is hosting the first presidential debate.  Because everyone from Anderson Cooper to John Stewart to Bill O’Reilly is sure to make an appearance you can expect campus to be crowded–in fact, we’re already assuming it will be, so we’ve officially cancelled classes for the day and the Office of Admissions at the Josef Korbel School will be closed. Please note that I am the last person you should be asking for tickets. On a related note, if you hear where I could get a ticket, please let me know. So, October 3rd, while a very cool time to be on campus will be a very poor representation of what campus is actually like. Except for John Stewart, he’s always here.

On October 18th, the University of Denver’s graduate programs will be hosting an open house for prospective students. This includes the Daniels College of Business, The Graduate School of Social Work and the Sturm College of Law, all programs with which we have official dual degree programs. The intent of this event is to get a better understanding of graduate programs across the University of Denver. Translation, if you’re interested in graduate programs that offer dual degree programs with Korbel, this is a great option for you. Registration for this event should be available by the end of the summer.

On November 8th, we are hosting an open house for prospective students interested specifically in the Josef Korbel School (if you’re reading this blog, I hope that is you, that better be you).  If you think you’ll pull a fast one on me and watch last year’s Open House on youtube, don’t. First of all, it will be much different/better/informative. For one thing, you’ll be able to meet Holly DeYoung and hear all about her internship in Uganda.  Holly does not know that she’ll be at this event yet, but other than my Mom, she’s the only one that subscribes to this blog…so consider that your invitation Holly. Everyone is invited, the information will be flowing all night followed by some light (emphasis on light) hors d’œuvre and decaf coffee. Like the event on the 18th, registration for this event should open by the end of the summer.

As always if these dates don’t work for you, call us when you’re going to be in town we would be happy to have you visit.


Brad Miller

Director of Admissions

Josef Korbel School




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