2012 Travel Schedule

Each year, we hit the road for a few weeks of meeting with potential applicants, speaking with faculty and collecting as many mini shampoo bottles as will fit in my carry on .  I like traveling.  I like meeting interesting people.  I love meeting interesting people while traveling, so come to one of the events below and meet me, won’t ya?

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions

September 10

Rio de Janeiro APSIA Graduate Forum
September 12 Sao Paulo

APSIA Graduate Forum

September 17

Buenos Aires APSIA Graduate Forum

September 13

New York, NY

Idealist.org Graduate Fair

September 28 Washington, DC

Idealist.org Graduate Fair

October 8

Denver, CO Idealist.org Graduate Fair
October 15 New York, NY

APSIA Graduate Forum

October 16

Washington, DC

APSIA Graduate Forum

October 18

Los Angeles, CA

Idealist.org Graduate Fair

October 19

San Francisco, CA Idealist.org Graduate Fair

October 29

Seattle, WA

APSIA Graduate Forum

October 30 San Francisco, CA

APSIA Graduate Forum

October 31 Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Graduate Fair





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