Check Out Our Latest Employment Data

Each year, the Office of Career and Professional Development sends a survey to graduates to gauge their success in securing employment.  You can find the latest results for the graduates of 2011 right here.  A few highlights from these data:

  • For the graduating class of 2011, we had 240 graduates, 205 of them responded to our survey (85% response rate).
  • 88% of graduates were employed, 5% went on to further their education and 6% were not employed while 1% are no longer seeking employment.
  • 38% of our graduates ended up in the private sector, 33% in the non profit sector and 22% in the public sector
  • 34% of graduates stayed in Colorado, 24% went to the Washington, DC area, 26% went to other US cities and 16% went abroad.

Read over the report and let us know if you have any questions!


Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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