APSIA Admission Director’s Meeting

I’m currently sitting in the Seattle Tacoma airport after two rewarding days with the APSIA Admission Directors and Career Directors. It was a great meeting and I would like to share the top 8 things I learned. I actually learned more than 8 things but I am typing this on a iPad so let’s be realistic.

Things I learned:
1. Problem applicants exist at all schools. If you are one, you get the privilege of being talked about at the annual meeting. Conversely, if you are an all-star applicant, you will be fought over at the annual meeting. It is better to be in the later category. I’ll provide more pointers throughout the summer about what distinguishes the two groups.
2. All of us want to see students with work experience, language skills and well articulated career goals. If you have these things, congrats, if you don’t, it is not the end of the road as all of us take students without these traits. However the career outlook for students without work ex looks much different (in a bad way).
3. All of us want to engage with prospective students using social media. Unfortunately, none of us are experts at this. Please be patient as we learn.
4. After our alumni event on Monday night, I was pleased to learn about our Seattle based graduates. They are doing some exciting stuff and they are just generally cool people with whom I’d like to hang out.
5. We have a real kick ass travel scheduled this fall. Make sure to stop by APISA forums this fall in NYC, DC, LA, San Fran, Atlanta, London, Paris, Rio and Sau Paulo. Check out APSIA’s new website. We are also of thinking about changing the format of our graduate forums, perhaps with the inclusion of alumni panels. Stay tuned.
6. Admission Director’s are friends with each other. I love hanging out with these people as we face the same challenges and rewards in our jobs. These types of conferences are extremely rewarding.
7. Seattle is a classy city. There are also way too many Starbucks here.
8. Sea level is for wimps. I ran a 7:15 pace 10K along the water…Thursday’s speed workout at 5,280 feet is going to burn.

Brad Miller
Director of Graduate Admissions

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