Korbel students are eager to leave for their summer internships (check the video) and all I can think is blah, blah, blah. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for all of them, honestly, I am. It’s just that my summer plans are totally lame, as in I’m planning to go to the local pool and maybe run down the ice cream truck lame. I was planning a trip to Iowa for my class reunion (class of 97 rules) but after hearing I have to compete with Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Obama…no thanks.  I would rather pout. I want to go to the Philippines.  Have you ever had street food in Manila? It blows Iowa’s food (pork chop on a stick) out of the water–no competition. Plus think of all the airline miles–oh glorious airline miles, how I will do ridiculous things for you.

Obviously, there is pain somewhere deep within me. Let me take you to that pain, back in the 4th grade when we returned from Christmas break and Mrs. Swanson asked us how we spent our holidays. Being very proud of my break, I raised my hand and said that I went to my Grandma’s and went sledding.  I anticipated hearing ohhs and ahhs but only got silence. Natalie, the banker’s daughter, then raised her hand and proceeded to share how she went to the Bahamas where she held a sting ray and pet a dolphin and for all we know ate caviar icy pops. After a while, a kid becomes bitter of his lame breaks and he internalizes that pain, only to let it all out 25 years later in a blog post that you’re currently reading. Sorry about that.

Actually, this will be a nice little summer. I’ll be around so stop on by.


Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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