The 2012 Korbel Perspective

Why did our current students chose the Josef Korbel School? What does a typical day in grad school looks like? How much reading is required for each class? What’s one piece of advice a current student would share with a prospective student? Want the answers to these questions?  Then check out our 2012 Korbel Perspective videos.

Meet Mike Smith, an MA candidate in the International Human Rights program with a certificate in Humanitarian Assistance. Mike is a Peace Corps Fellow, having served in Panama from 2009-2011.

Meet Holly DeYoung, an MA candidate in the International Development program. Holly is originally from New York and wants to work as a project manager/director of an NGO.

Meet Ryan Economy, an MA candidate in the Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration program. Ryan has a background in nonprofit management. Yes, that is his real surname.

Meet Montsé Garcia, an MA candidate in International Administration program. Montsé’s advice to prospective students: know what you’re passionate about but don’t pigeonhole yourself – be open to the variety of coursework offered at the Josef Korbel School.

Meet a few of our International students: Maria Torres from Mexico, Zhizhou (Joe) Zhu from China, Pallavi Gulati from England/India.

Stay tuned for the International Security video!

Ok, ok…Josef Korbel School students aren’t always in class, reading, writing and chatting about politics they like to have fun too. Check out these Ask Korbel videos…

Ask Korbel…Fantasy Football: Which world leader would you choose as the quarterback for your fantasy football team?

Ask Korbel…FBI: Where would you escape if the FBI was on your tail?

Ask Korbel…Superhereos: Which superhero would be the best candidate to retrieve the fallen U.S. drone in Iran?

Happy watching!


Nicole Vilegi-Sandage
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Josef Korbel School of International Studies


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